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Bug#894218: cinnamon-control-center: really necessary to depend on GOA?

¡Hola Fabio!

El 2018-03-27 a las 17:36 +0200, Fabio Fantoni escribió:
El 2018-03-27 a las 15:19 +0200, Christoph Anton Mitterer escribió:
Package: cinnamon-control-center Version: 3.6.5-1 Severity: wishlist

Is it really necessary to depend on GOA and force people it's installation?

Mmh, the panel that requires this is online-accounts, we could probably move that panel to a different (optional) package. If you prepare a patch for this I could review it.

Additional package for this don't seems a good idea for me, is possible instead other way like "load" it only if GOA is installed (if I'm not wrong some cinnamon control panel entry already do something similar checking the exist of the binary they need) and make it recommends instead dep.?

That would need some heavy hacking, in order to load the library that's currently being compiled against it would need to load the library as a plugin, which is not an elegant solution for something that it's not intended to be used that way.

In the Python components this could be done, but again this means a complete rewrite of the panel in a different language.

I wouldn't consider that feasible.

Moving the file that links agains goa to a different package, is a packaging solution, my offer stands for reviewing a packaging solution. For doing this from a different aproach, please contact upstream.

Happy hacking,
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