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Question: trigger autopkgtests with packages that are not in the dependency chain

Dear CI team,

Quoting debci/docs/MAINTAINERS.md first:

  The test suite for a source package will be executed:
  * when any package in the dependency chain of its binary packages changes;
  * when the package itself changes;
  * when 1 month is passed since the test suite was run for the last time.

In Kali Linux, I have a package named kali-tweaks, it provides an UI to configure different components of the system. For example, it allows configuring the SSH client. It does NOT depend on openssh-client, however I would like to trigger autopkgtest when the package openssh-client changes. How can I achieve that?

What I'm after is something like:

* a field "DebCI-Trigger:" or similar, that I could add to kali-tweaks debian/control, and where I could list extra-packages that should trigger autopkgtests * alternatively, a way to run autopkgtests more often (say every day) for the package kali-tweaks
* any other idea?

Apologies if the topic is already documented somewhere, or if I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance!

Arnaud Rebillout / Offensive Security / Kali Linux Developer

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