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Re: cctbx CI

Le 2022-09-22 17:27, Paul Gevers a écrit :
Hi Fred,

Hello Paul

The question is more appropriate for debian-release@l.d.o, but I would
have still be the one that would have answered it.

:)), sorry about that...

The point is that the faster migration is only applied if the package
has an autopkgtest and it runs successfully on all architectures where
binaries are available. In this case, you only disabled the
autopkgtest on 32 bit archs, but the binaries are still successfully

I know it is only 1 days but it was the same with the previous migration


thanks for the explainations and even better a way to fix this :)

Make sure that there are non-trivial passing tests those archs :)
(please don't cheat [1]). The alternative (if the binaries don't work
on these architectures) is to stop building there and ask the
ftpmasters to remove the old ones.

Ok, so I will FTBFS for these 32bit arch during the build process and remove the old binaries.

this way this is in synchro with the upstream support that Debian can expect from them.

cheers and thanks for your help

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