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Re: r-cran-pdftools: autopkgtest failure: nrow(fonts) not equal to 3

Hi Nilesh,

On 08-11-2021 17:41, Nilesh Patra wrote:
> I could reproduce this (relevant part below). *But*, it passes when I
> try run it locally with
> (i) "bash ./debian/tests/run-unit-tests" --> OK
> and also, inside a container with -- null
> (ii) "sudo autopkgtest -B ../*.deb -- null" --> Works perfect.


> It does not work when I try running it in a schroot, or an lxc container
> and gives errors similar to the one quoted below.

So, something on your local system is interfering with the test. schroot
and lxc are better in setting up a clean environment than the null runner.

> I tried changing locales with several different permutations, but the
> result is same.

How about other environment variables? (Or fonts, see below)

> Since this does not really look like a bug with this package, but rather
> something very specific to "autopkgtest" or "schroot" environment is
> triggering this,
> I need your inputs to tackle this.

I'd say the opposite. schroot's and lxc's generated with autopkgtest are
cleaner than your own computer. Of course there's still something, so
let's try to find out.

> Would you have any idea as to what autopkgtest might do differently in a
> chroot? Or what is specific there to be causing this?

To my eye it looks like a font (or more) is (are) missing in the
testbed. fonts\$name\[2\] does not match "MSung" and fonts\$name\[3\]
does not match "MHei" suggest to me that something needs to provide
them. Maybe that would fix the first issue too.


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