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Bug#987026: bordeaux-threads: flaky test regularly times out

Source: bordeaux-threads
Version: 0.8.8-4
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
User: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
Usertags: timeout

Dear Common Lisp Team, Sébastien,

Your package has an autopkgtest great. Unfortunately, one of your tests
is not so reliable, so you marked it as flaky. Marking tests flaky is a
good way to have tests run, but not have them influence migration.
However, in this case the flaky test regularly times out on our
infrastructure (after 2:47 hours) while a successful run is in the order
of one minute. Because the test doesn't influence migration anyways, I
am kindly asking you disabled the test until it's fixed instead to not
stress our infrastructure for the very little gain.


0.8.8-4 always times out
mostly times out
always fails, but not much tested yet:
half of the runs time out
half of the runs time out

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