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Bug#986310: surf: autopkgtest needs update for new version of apparmor-profiles-extra

Source: surf
Version: 2.0+git20201107-1
Severity: important
Tags: sid bullseye
User: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
Usertags: needs-update
Control: affects -1 src:apparmor-profiles-extra

[X-Debbugs-CC: debian-ci@lists.debian.org,

Dear maintainer(s),

With a recent upload of apparmor-profiles-extra the autopkgtest of surf
fails in testing when that autopkgtest is run with the binary packages
of apparmor-profiles-extra from unstable. It passes when run with only
packages from testing. In tabular form:

                         pass            fail
apparmor-profiles-extra  from testing    1.33
surf                     from testing    2.0+git20201107-1
all others               from testing    from testing

I copied some of the output at the bottom of this report. Indeed, the
/etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/gstreamer file received an updated. If you
update your apparmor template, please also make sure that the right
version to your TEST dependencies in debian/tests/control, or neither
surf nor apparmor-profiles-extra will ever migrate without intervention
from the Release Team or the maintainers of apparmor-profiles-extra.

Currently this regression is blocking the migration of
apparmor-profiles-extra to testing [1]. Of course,
apparmor-profiles-extra shouldn't just break your autopkgtest (or even
worse, your package), but it seems to me that the change in
apparmor-profiles-extra was intended and your package needs to update to
the new situation.

More information about this bug and the reason for filing it can be found 

PS: normally I file these bugs at severity serious, but as we're in the
freeze, I deemed important high enough as apparmor-profiles-extra
doesn't fix any bug at RC severity.

[0] You can see what packages were added from the second line of the log
file quoted below. The migration software adds source package from
unstable to the list if they are needed to install packages from
apparmor-profiles-extra/1.33. I.e. due to versioned dependencies or
[1] https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=apparmor-profiles-extra


autopkgtest [15:10:09]: test command1: cmp
autopkgtest [15:10:09]: test command1: [-----------------------
/etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/gstreamer differ: byte 1084, line 41
autopkgtest [15:10:10]: test command1: -----------------------]

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