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Re: Bug#954655: apparmor autopkgtest doesn't work nice on ci.d.n infrastructure

Hi Paul,

Paul Gevers (2021-02-18):
> Hi intrigeri,
> On 18-02-2021 10:34, intrigeri wrote:
>>>   # Dummy test so that changes to linux-image-amd64 trigger our other autopkgtests
>>>   # on ci.debian.net
> By the way, we have the "hint-testsuite-triggers" for this.
>> Actually, apparmor-profiles-extra has the exact same test, and AFAICT
>> it seems to run pretty reliably there, so I now have doubts about the
>> hypothesis I quoted above.
>> Still, perhaps it's worth trying to add isolation-machine to that
>> test, remove src:apparmor from the blocklist, and see what happens?
> If you add that restriction (instead of the current ones), the test
> isn't run anywhere (and can't cause any issues).


In 3.0.1-6 (experimental) I've replaced the current restrictions with
hint-testsuite-triggers, i.e.:

   Test-Command: /bin/true
   Depends: linux-image-amd64 [amd64] | linux-image-generic [ amd64 ]
  -Restrictions: superficial, skip-not-installable
  +Restrictions: hint-testsuite-triggers

I've verified that the resulting .dsc has the same
Testsuite-Triggers field.

I would like to see the same 1-line change in Bullseye, in the hope
that it's enough to allow you folks to remove src:apparmor from
the blocklist.

Would you like to pre-approve this here, or do you prefer that
I request pre-approval via the regular release team process?


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