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Bug#983748: dh-r: pkg-r-autopkgtest breaks autopkgtests Bug#984702: r-cran-effectsize: autopkgtest regression Bug#984730: rust-sequoia-autocrypt: autopkgtest needs update for new version of rust-sequoia-openpgp: output changed Bug#984894: python-azure: flaky autopkgtest: You need to call 'result' or 'wait' on all LROPoller you have created Bug#984966: apt: flaky armhf autopkgtest: File has unexpected size (27 != 39). Mirror sync in progress? Bug#985004: gemma: flaky armhf autopkgtest: regularly times out after 2:47 h Bug#985011: golang-github-go-redis-redis: autopkgtest regression Bug#985154: gegl: autopkgtest regression: Package 'gegl-0.4' requires 'babl >= 0.1.84' but version of babl is 0.1.82 Bug#985617: glibc: flaky autopkgtest on most architectures Bug#985639: python-fakeredis: autopkgtest fails on 32-bit architectures Bug#985724: libkainjow-mustache: autopkgtest failure due to output on stderr Bug#985725: slurm-wlm: flaky autopkgtest: srun: Required node not available (down, drained or reserved) Bug#985726: benchmark: autopkgtest regression: test depends on removed g++-8 Bug#985959: calibre: please mark autopkgtest as superficial Bug#986012: fatrace: autopkgtest regression: ^rm(.*): D /tmp/autopkgtest-lxc.yky1gevw/downtmp/build.jzI/src$ not found in log The need for Testsuite: autopkgtest in debian/control s390x hardly processing packages The last update was on 21:00 GMT Sat Mar 27. There are 22 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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