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Wrong package version is installed


I've noticed an inconsistency in the debci logs for a
reverse-dependency of a package that I maintain.

This issue concerns the CI tests for the why3 package in testing:


As you can see, on 2020-09-21 15:42:22 UTC, a test run for why3 was
triggered by an update of z3, meaning the tests for why3 were run with
all packages from testing except z3/4.8.9-1 from unstable. But if you
take a look at the log:


you'll notice that it installs the libcvc4-7 package, which at the
time of writing is only available in unstable.

This is a problem because the cvc4 update caused a regression for why3
in unstable, but now the z3 package also can't migrate to testing
because there's an apparent regression for why3, which is actually due
to the wrong version of cvc4 being used in the CI test.

How should I proceed here? And is this a bug in debci/autopkgtest/...?


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