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Bug#964101: tiddit: generates extremely large file during autopkgtesting Bug#964149: starpu: autopkgtest regression: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/starpu/examples/async_tasks_overhead: No such file or directory Bug#964150: petsc: autopkgtest regression: mpiexec was unable to launch the specified application Bug#964154: pygrib: autopkgtest failure: No module named 'distutils.spawn' Bug#964155: libcalendar-simple-perl breaks libtemplate-plugin-calendar-simple-perl autopkgtest: not ok 1 - correct output for Jan 1970 Bug#964156: golang-github-vultr-govultr breaks golang-github-xenolf-lego autopkgtest: cannot find package "" Bug#964270: salt: autopkgtest regression: [Errno 6] No such device or address Bug#964339: node-expat: autopkgtest regression: Cannot find module 'iconv' Bug#964405: lintian: autopkgtest regression: No tests were selected by your filter: Bug#964406: onionbalance: autopkgtest regression: debian/tests/upstream does not exist Bug#964407: ocaml-odoc: autopkgtest failure: Unknown tag '@raises'. Bug#964408: python-redisearch-py: autopkgtest failure: No module named 'redisearch_py' Bug#964475: dpkg breaks apt autopkgtest: dpkg: error: unknown option --foreign-architecture Bug#966388: ruby-googleauth breaks ruby-google-api-client from testing but misses the versioned Breaks Bug#966463: openblas breaks scipy autopkgtest: tests/ Segmentation fault The last update was on 19:20 GMT Tue Jul 28. There are 15 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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