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Bug#962001: austin: autopkgtest regression: src/austin: No such file or directory Bug#962131: sqlite3 breaks python3.8 autopkgtest: CheckFuncDeterministic (sqlite3.test.userfunctions.FunctionTests) Bug#962172: baloo-kf5: autopkgtest regression: dh_acc: error: abi-compliance-checker Bug#962217: libgdf: autopkgtest needs update for new version of boost-defaults: deprecation warning on stderr Bug#962219: siconos: autopkgtest needs update for new version of boost-defaults: deprecation warning on stderr Bug#962317: cgview: autopkgtest failure: readlink: missing operand Bug#962449: visp: autopkgtest failure with boost 1.71 Bug#962496: uwsgi-plugin-php: autopkgtest failure: Segmentation Fault Bug#962497: r-base breaks r-cran-data.table autopkgtest: 'origin' must be supplied Bug#962550: libgclib breaks gffread autopkgtest: Segmentation fault Bug#962553: gffread: autopkgtest needs update for new version of gff2aplot: warning on stderr Bug#962554: libgff: autopkgtest failure: g++: command not found Bug#962620: stress-ng: flaky arm64 autopkgtest on bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable Bug#962724: iptables: autopkgtest regression: nft Unsupported command? Bug#962794: r-cran-stanheaders: breaks r-cran-rstanarm autopkgtests Bug#962796: r-cran-dplyr: breaks multiple autopkgtests Bug#962803: rust-csv: autopkgtest failure: could not compile `csv` Bug#962804: wfmath: autopkgtest failure: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH Bug#962805: python-geotiepoints: autopkgtest regression: No module named 'h5py Bug#962863: r-cran-rdflib: autopkgtest regression Bug#962893: syslog-ng: autopkgtest regression: Depends on syslog-ng-mod-snmptrapd-parser Bug#962904: libwww-perl breaks libapache2-mod-perl2 autopkgtest: Failed 6/6 subtests Bug#963020: impacket breaks smbmap autopkgtest: No module named 'pkg_resources' Bug#963023: budgie-extras: superficial autopkgtest Bug#963036: sympy breaks octave-symbolic autopkgtest: AttributeError: module 'sympy.core.compatibility' has no attribute 'integer_types' Bug#963039: node-iconv: versions of nodejs dependencies not properly documented Bug#963061: nodejs breaks node-grunt-contrib-nodeunit autopkgtest: 1/24 assertions failed Bug#963062: nodejs breaks node-formidable autopkgtest: Cannot call write after a stream was destroyed Bug#963063: nodejs breaks node-diff autopkgtest: Failed test: 41 Bug#963065: nodejs breaks node-encoding autopkgtest: Encoding not recognized: 'ISO-2022-JP' (searched as: 'iso2022jp') Bug#963088: bppsuite: autopkgtest failure on arm64: precision issue in reference data Bug#963111: r-bioc-biocparallel: autopkgtest regression on ppc64el Bug#963153: ffmpeg breaks r-cran-av autopkgtest: error in 'avcodec_open2 (audio)': Invalid argument Bug#963683: gegl breaks gnome-photos autopkgtest: GEGL-FATAL-WARNING: gegl_operation_meta_watch_node does nothing Bug#963685: libio-async-perl breaks libio-async-loop-glib-perl autopkgtest: t/05loop-child.t (Wstat: 9 Tests: 8 Failed: 0) Bug#963686: meliae: autopkgtest failure: cannot import name '_intset' from 'meliae' Bug#963757: fonts-font-awesome breaks streamlink autopkgtest: /usr/share/doc/python3-streamlink/html/_static/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot MISSING Bug#963761: node-node-sass: missing versioned dependency relation?: Sass could not find a binding for your current environment Bug#963769: nodejs breaks node-iconv-lite autopkgtest: malloc(): invalid next size (unsorted) Bug#963771: nodejs breaks node-immutable-tuple autopkgtest: can handle a lot of strings: AssertionError Bug#963772: nodejs breaks node-leveldown autopkgtest: Test: require Aborted Bug#963774: mcl breaks roary autopkgtest: Cannot find the mcxdeblast executable, please ensure its in your PATH Bug#963795: r-cran-httr: autopkgtest regression Bug#963816: numpy breaks astropy autopkgtest: TestFitscheck.test_overwrite_invalid fails Bug#963817: numpy breaks pandas autopkgtest: TypeError: Cannot interpret 'CategoricalDtype(categories=None, ordered=None)' as a data type Bug#963818: numpy breaks python-fabio autopkgtest: fabio.test.codecs.test_brukerimage.TestBrukerLinear fails Bug#963820: numpy breaks python-xarray autopkgtest: test_use_cftime_standard_calendar_default_in_range[gregorian] fails Bug#963822: numpy breaks scikit-learn autopkgtest: test_set_estimator_none[drop] fails Bug#963935: node-modern-syslog: missing versioned dependency relation?: modern-syslog/build/Release/core.node',was compiled against a different Node.js version stress-ng: flaky arm64 autopkgtest on bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable The last update was on 20:20 GMT Sun Jun 28. There are 51 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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