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Re: Bug#905581: Mailing list for Salsa/Salsa-CI team


> Otto:
> > The Salsa-CI discussions still have no mailing list to go to. Could
> > you please create a mailing list for the team now?

> Alexander:
> We told you which list to use.

The debian-ci list is about autopkgtest and the autopkgtest managers
have explicitly said that it is not suitable for Salsa-CI discussions.
If you look at the mail archive of debian-ci it is quite clear that
the list is only about autopkgtest, not about Salsa or Lintian or blhc
or piuparts or any other of the CI parts Salsa-CI contains, and
forcing the two clearly separate groups together will not help

I suggest creating a general debian-salsa@ list for Salsa users and
developers in general, or a separate Salsa-CI for the Salsa-CI team.

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