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Bug#956697: mercurial: flaky autopkgtests

Source: mercurial
Version: 5.3.1-1
Severity: serious
Tags: sid bullseye
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
User: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
Usertags: flaky

Hi Maintainer

Mercurial's autopkgtests are flaky [1].
I examined the logs of several failed tests and found the following:

Failed test-wireproto-exchangev2-shallow.t: output changed
occurred 8 times

Failed test-narrow-shallow.t: output changed
occurred 3 times


Failed test-convert-darcs.t: output changed
Failed test-manifest.t: output changed
Failed test-remotefilelog-prefetch.t: output changed
Failed test-strip.t: output changed
occurred once each.

The tests seem to be more likely to fail on the slower architectures.
In Debian, I see no failures for 5.3.1-1 on amd64, whereas in Ubuntu
there was one failure on amd64, and none on ppc64el.

Please make these tests more reliable or skip them.


[1] https://ci.debian.net/packages/m/mercurial/

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