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Re: Migration-preventing autopkgtest failures

Hi Christian,

On 06-04-2020 23:40, Christian Kastner wrote:
> I just filed #956069 with normal severity, and excluding the tests on
> all platforms (not just arm64).


>> We also have workers outside of China, so the result depends on
>> which worker the test ran.
> Unless I'm misunderstanding something, that would explain a succeeding
> worker. However, in the arm64 test history [1], I don't the results of
> the failed worker [2] that was blocking scikit-learn.
> [1] https://ci.debian.net/packages/d/dask/testing/arm64/

This history only shows results with pure testing, i.e. without packages
from other suites. However, the tests that are triggered for checking
migration quality run the tests from testing with some packages from
unstable. Hence, they don't show up in the list.


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