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Re: Bug#945113: transition: hwloc

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for the response.

On 28-11-2019 13:35, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> The package works only by luck, the warning does indicate that something
> wrong is happening. I do think that in the case of hwloc it could very
> well crash, because structures have changed between hwloc1 and hwloc2.


> Personally I almost always leave the stderr check, because most often
> they are a sign of something wrong happening, and we want to fix it
> somewhere, even if it is harmless for the test at case.

Ack, me too, except when it shows it's too sensitive. E.g. a lot of
python tests fail otherwise on deprecation warnings which is *not* what
we want in autopkgtests.

> Perhaps what we are lacking here is a button for the maintainer of the
> migrating package and the maintainer of the failing package to be able
> to say "never mind, this is fine", and/or another to say "please retry
> this with all to-be-migrated packages". That could cover most of the
> cases, without the debian-release team having to delve into them.

In most cases "please retry this with all to-be-migrated packages" can
be achieved by adding appropriate versioned breaks (for the breaking
package) or versioned (test) depends to the broken package. If people
find this unpretty, I don't mind scheduling the check for now. What Ivo
and I already have been considering, we should maybe accept the failure
*if* the current broken package passes in unstable. But I have to think
about what that means during transitions *before* the "broken package is

I'll make sure the package is tested with both packages from unstable,
to confirm that everything is OK.


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