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Re: kopano-webapp and/or kopanocore missing a versioned (test) dependency on the other?

Hi Carsten,

On 13-11-2019 21:33, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> Am 13.11.19 um 19:35 schrieb Paul Gevers:
>> Hi Carsten,
>> On 13-11-2019 07:20, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
>>> But I"m struggling *how* to add such an versioned test dependency. This
>>> version requirements are only needed for the autopkgtest(s) so because
>>> of this we haven't bumped regulary and wanted package dependency.
>> Test version requirements go into debian/tests/control. Just add them to
>> the appropriate Depends field.
> unfortunately this is not possible this way as the test for
> kopano-webapp itself is structured as various depending segments (like
> in kopanocore too) there new packages get installed and we need a
> pre-configured mariadb-server instance to get the test working.

Ack, it seems that autopkgtest is missing some functionality to support
this properly.

> https://salsa.debian.org/giraffe-team/kopano-webapp/blob/debian/sid/debian/tests/smoke
> So the test is first installing the database server and afterwards the
> kopano-webapp-apache2 package as we want to see all automatic pulled in
> dependencies are working. One of the dependencies here is
> kopano-contacts from src:kopanocore, and we pull also kopano-utils. The
> tool kopano-admin (provided by kopano-utils) is currently working
> internally differently in testing. As we install packages from
> kopanocore as an automatic dependency I see no way to control within the
> test the version we need as we can only relay on the version controlling
> within the packages itself.
> Sure, we could add a versioned dependency on kopanocore within
> kopano-webapp, but there is no real technical reason for this, it would
> only help that the autopkgtests do work. And as there is no real need
> for a version bump on kopanocore we didn't have done this yet.
>>> I'm happy to add such a needed version anywhere but I simply don't know
>>> how. Any example package I can look at something similar.
> I see currently only two possibilities to get kopanocore migrating to
> testing. One is to add a new higher version on the depending
> kopano-contacts in kopano-webapp-common (which then pulls kopano-libs),
> and the second option would be an unblock by the RT. This is still the
> right solution in my eyes.
> The first option would need of course a new upload of kopano-webapp.

There's a third option: instead of requesting an unblock, I'll schedule
the test with both packages from unstable. Than all the other tooling
will do the right thing (assuming the test passes as expected).


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