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Re: potential issues on debci current code

On Wed, 11 Sep 2019 at 09:16:55 +0200, Thierry Fauck@linux.ibm.com wrote:
> Looking at current debci code I found what I think is a couple of issues -
> As I can't push to debci, here are the patches I am proposing.

You can branch debci in your own namespace on salsa.debian.org (create
a -guest account if necessary) and propose merge requests that way,
like you would on Github.

These changes would be best proposed as three separate merge requests,
since they aren't particularly related to each other.

> Subject: [PATCH] Suite parameter is last argument of
>  debci-generate-apt-sources

This one looks like it's probably correct. For context, the
debci-generate-apt-sources script added in bfb40303 originally had a --suite
parameter, but I changed it to a positional argument because there was no
sensible default. I thought I'd updated all the callers, but I must have
missed -chdist (and couldn't work out how to test it).

> Subject: [PATCH] test of null variable is not efficient

This one is changing the meaning of the code - it might be correct or
incorrect, but either way, it isn't just about whether it's "efficient"
or not.

> -if [ "$debci_backend" != null ]; then

This checks whether $debci_backend has a value other than the literal
string "null", as in autopkgtest-virt-null.

> +if [ ! "${debci_backend+x}" ]; then

This checks whether $debci_backend is set or unset - not the same


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