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Candy Tsai's Outreachy debci Project Week 6 - Week 7 Report


I've merged my week 6 and week 7 in this report.

Week 6 (June 24-28)

At this point, my merge requests were getting too big and hard to merge all at once, really appreciate how terceiro showed me how to break them down through a pair programming session.

And then I took almost a week off, so my week 7 was delayed.

Week 7 (July 8-12)

I found out that I can make small merge requests and list the merge requests it depends on. Gitlab will automatically handle the rest for me once a request is merged.
  • finally finished breaking down my large merge request
  • added the history section
Notes: My blog kind of broke down for a bit, so I'm also trying to fix that too. Also need to finish Outreachy's Week 7 blog prompt.

Candy Tsai (IRC: kandi)
Blog: https://stringpiggy.hpd.io/tag/debian-ci

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