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Re: autopkgtest for security archive

On 15372 March 1977, Paul Gevers wrote:

a) Are you indeed the right people to talk to about getting access to
the embargoed queues?

We are.

b) If the access is indeed set-upped via IP whitelisting, than I have
the following concern. We are currently running 12 amd64 workers in the
AWS framework. I am typically recreating workers after 60 to 90 days as
we are having issues with them after a while. This means they get new IP
addresses. Would that be a problem? Soon I hope to also have arm64
workers from another platform available. I expect similar issues there.

Thats bad, as yes, it is entirely via IP.

c) How are the embargoed queue set up? If the CI-infrastructure would
get access to it, can it just process this archive like other archives,
or would we need to get build artifacts and put them together ourselves?
I would expect the former, but just to be sure.

Same as main archive, just some normal archive style dists for the
buildd area.

bye, Joerg

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