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Re: autopkgtest for security archive

Dear wanna-build-team,

On 21-10-2018 20:17, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 10:07:25PM +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> Although we are not finished yet (are we ever?) with the work on
>> implementing autopkgtest for unstable-to-testing migration, I think now
>> is as good a time as ever to start discussing autopkgtest for the
>> security archive. I have some questions and some ideas. I'll dump them
>> below and let's discuss.
> Fantastic news!
>> 1) ci.d.n would need to get access to the build packages, ideally in the
>> form of an archive. From earlier discussions it wasn't totally clear if
>> that archive exists. buildds run from an existing queue, is that an
>> proper archive? Does that embargoed queue/archive also contain the
>> already build packages? (I can imagine that to build a package for the
>> embargoed archive it needs other packages from the embargoed archive as
>> well). So, if there exists an archive with build packages, we need to
>> agree on how to get access. How do the buildds have access now? If such
>> an archive doesn't exist, what do the buildds use exactly?
> Yes, the security buildds are using un-released packages from the
> security queue (we e.g. used this to build Firefox 60 with Rust packages
> in the security archive). I don't have the details on the specific
> apt source and how it's accessed, but the Debian buildd team (or DSA?)
> should know.

Can you maybe enlighten us on the points raised above?


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