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Re: Bug#920350: ITP: pkg-js-autopkgtest -- collection of autopktest scripts for nodejs packages


On 24-01-2019 20:09, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Hi Xavier,
> On 24-01-2019 15:25, Xavier Guimard wrote:
>> Packages using the tests with autopkgtests in this package will simply
>> have to set "Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-js" in debian/control and write
>> upstream test in debian/tests/pkg-js/test. This package provides also a
>> test.mk file which can be include in debian/rule to avoid writing a
>> override_dh_auto_test. The same test will be launched.
>> This package is inspired from pkg-perl-autopkgtest. If accepted, a MR
>> will be done on autodep8 project to include it.
> I am not sure if you are aware, but please make sure that anything that
> a maintainer adds about test dependencies is recorded in
> debian/tests/control. dpkg-source exports the content of the "Depends"
> fields to the changes file where it is picked up by britney, the
> migration software.

Another thing, autodep8 already has support for nodejs. If your scripts
are smarter (which they probably are), could you please replace (instead
of add) the current nodejs support? I.e. it would be "Testsuite:
autopkgtest-pkg-nodejs". Let's not have two nodejs supports in autodep8.


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