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Re: Bug#909238: mailman3 breaks mailman-hyperkitty autopkgtest

Hi Ian,

On 20-09-18 18:17, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Paul Gevers writes ("Bug#909238: mailman3 breaks mailman-hyperkitty autopkgtest"):
>> testing. It fails in unstable (with mailman-hyperkitty 1.1.0-8). In
>> tabular form:
>>                     pass       pass       fail       fail
>> mailman3            testing    testing    3.2.0-1    3.2.0-1
>> mailman-hyperkitty  testing    1.1.0-8    testing    1.1.0-8
>> all others          testing    testing    testing    unstable
> Thank you for adopting my suggestion.  I think this format is really
> more comprehensible to the readers.  I guess you are compiling these
> by hand!

Well, half of it. Only because of the unstable situation. The biggest part
was templated.


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