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Re: autopkgtest gating migration, nearly there. But ...

Hi Antonio,

On 17-09-18 05:57, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> maybe debci could cache the actual test dependencies considered for a
> given package, including expansion @builddeps@ and stuff produced by
> autodep8, so that britney2 can query that information to calculate its
> required tests?
> a simple action plan would be:
> - make autopkgtst output the "expanded" control file considered for each
>   test
> - make debci store that data in the database and expose it via the API
>   (exact format TBD)
> - make britney2 query that API

Thanks for thinking along. An ugly point of this solution is that it
will always be one step behind. britney needs this for packages that
differ in build dependencies between unstable and testing, which means
that for debci to catch this it first requires a run that fails.


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