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Re: Bug#908323: gtk+3.0 breaks libgtk3-perl autopkgtest

gregor herrmann writes ("Re: Bug#908323: gtk+3.0 breaks libgtk3-perl autopkgtest"):
> I was wondering if we should just add a build-dependency and
> dependency on gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0, like we do for other
> gir*-packages, now that we need to use it explicitly since some
> definitions have been split out into it.
> (Currently it doesn't change anything, as it's pulled in anyway, but
> it's maybe more "correct" and would also help for the autopkgtest
> situation.)

Think about likely future changes, such as: package reorganisation in
the *gir*gdk*pixbuf* packages; new versions of those packages (which
might result in new binary package names but not new -dev package
names);e tc.

Putting the binary packages in a hint-testsuite-triggers test would
mean that your package tests would still mostly work even if the
binary package names changed, provided the -dev package(s) are the
same or are still pulled in.  You could update the
hint-testsuite-triggers for the new binaries at your leisure.


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