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Re: git-annex is failing autopkgtest

Hi Jonathan,

On 09/11/18 18:21, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>>> "retry" produced an internal server error in ci.debian.net infrastructure,
>>> alas.  Relevant looking part of that log:
>> It looks like it is passing now?
> This is happening again:
> https://ci.debian.net/packages/g/git-annex/
> The "retry" button[1] still 500s.  debci team, are bugs against the
> debci package the best way to report that, or is there a better place
> to report issues with the installation at ci.debian.net?

Yes, debci is the right package.

That said, I looked at git-annex yesterday, and I noticed it failed
several times in the past without what appears to me as relevant
changes. I thought about filing a "flaky" bug. Please have a look at
past failures as well.


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