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Re: glibc and abi-compliance-checker break multiple KDE autopkgtests

Hi all,

On 09/06/18 21:13, Paul Gevers wrote:
> So it seems they are requested by something, and because the are not
> available in testing, apt-get is not limited by our pinning to take them
> from unstable. I believe it must be a "Provides" of some sort. What I
> want to know (and I will spend some time on it) is what in the
> dependency chain makes us end up with this as an option.

I was not able to figure out in the time I spend on it why apt-get ended
up with installing those packages. Does anybody know the right commands
and their arguments to figure out this specific question?

PS: the last line that I used was:
apt-cache dotty $(echo $(apt-cache showsrc kf5-kdepim-apps-libs | grep
Binary | sed s/Binary:// | sed s/,//g) | sort --unique) dh-acc
exuberant-ctags | grep '++8'

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