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Re: Bug#904776: /usr/bin/dpkg-source: please parse d/t/control.autodep8 like d/t/control

Control: tags -1 - moreinfo
Control: clone -1 -2
Control: reassign -1 autopkgtest
Control: retitle -1 autopkgtest: smarter autodep8 i.c.m. d/t/control
Control: reassign -2 autodep8
Control: retitle -2 autodep8: append d/t/control if it exists

Hi Guillem,

Thank you for carefully thinking about this.

On 06-09-18 00:20, Guillem Jover wrote:
> I guess, the logic proposed above could be changed a bit to support
> something closer to the current logic, and not introduce such a
> global semantic change, so perhaps:
>   * change autopkgtest to check the Testsuite field in debian/control:
>     - if it contains say an autopkgtest-autogen value then call autodep8,
>       even if debian/tests/control exists.

autodep8 has already fieldnames like autopkgtest-pkg-python. I think
those suffice.

>     - otherwise call autodep8 only if debian/tests/control does not
>       exist.
>   * change autodep8 to always cat debian/tests/control if present.
>   * then autodep8 would cat the autogenerated tests like now based on
>     the Testsuite field, and for backwards compat also the
>     control.autodep8 file if present.

I think this looks sane indeed. Let me try to implement it.

> I'm just still not convinced this should be handled in dpkg. :)

Unless I get back at you, I think I agree.


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