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Bug#907022: puma: autopkgtest times out after update of openssl

Source: puma
Version: 3.11.3-1
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
User: debian-ci@lists.debian.org
Usertags: needs-update timeout
Control: affects -1 src:openssl
Control: block 907015 by -1

Dear maintainers,

With a recent upload of openssl the autpkgtest of puma started to time
out in testing and unstable. Before the update of openssl, the test ran
in ~1 minute, now it takes more than 2:47 hours.

Currently this regression is contributing to the delay of the migration
of openssl to testing [1]. Could you please investigate the situation
and reassign the bug to the right package? If needed, please
change the bug's severity as appropriate.

Of course openssl shouldn't break you package, but in this case it seems
like you are not handling a failure mode in the test suite well and are
waiting indefinitely for a certain reply. As such I can't blame openssl
at all for that. However, if this is a real problem in your package,
openssl should add a versioned Breaks on the unfixed version, hence I
added a blocking relation on the openssl bug that tracks that (note, the
Breaks is nice even if the issue is only in the autopkgtest).

A quote from the openssl maintainer about the openssl update:
This is probably the result of the default openssl.cfg now having:
MinProtocol = TLSv1.2

Where the SECLEVEL 2 requires a 112 / 2048 bit security level.

More information about this bug and the reason for filing it can be
found on


[1] https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=openssl


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