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Re: "Debian CI/autopkgtest BoF" at Debconf18

(dropping debconf-discuss)

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: "Debian CI/autopkgtest BoF" at Debconf18"):
> gobby notes from the bof:

Also, we discussed bisection.

I proposed the following approach:

 * get the lists of packages installed, before and after each test[1]
 * construct a linearisation of the changes, ie a line where each
    edge updates as few packages at once as possible
 * bisect on that with appropriate pinning[2]

Problems identified;

[1] autopkgtest does not produce this information as an output (!)
That should be fixed.

[2] There may be some difficulty finding or constructing a repo which
contains all the appropriate package versions.

My experience in the Xen project is that automatic bisection is a
great boon.


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