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skipped autopkgtests should not influence migration times

hey debian release team and debian ci team--

Package transition times should not be affected by skipped autopkgtest

i uploaded libreswan 3.25-1 yesterday.  It has one autopkgtest that
needs machine-level isolation, which ci.debian.net currently does not
provide, afaict, so its tests are all skipped:


However, the autopkgtest results are being interpreted by the migration
scheduler as a PASS, reducing the number of days needed to transition by
3, instead of the usual full 5, if
https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/libreswan is to be believed.

I think this is an oversight, but it would be great to get it resolved.

If all tests are skipped by CI that should be treated the same way as if
there were no autopkgtests for a given package.

Many thanks for the work you are doing to get debian on board with more
rigorous testing, i really appreciate it!


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