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Bug#901804: DEP-8 pseudo-restriction "hint-dpkg-testsuite-triggers"

(Replying to the bits relevant for #901804)

Paul Gevers writes ("Re: DEP-8 pseudo-restriction "hint-dpkg-testsuite-triggers""):
> And this wouldn't be enough either, at least not to distinguish between
> SKIP due to regression or SKIP due to infra change.

I think that the test author who chooses SKIP is indicating that this
ought not to be considered a regression.

> On 18-06-18 18:19, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > And it would be possible to mark individual tests as flaky rather than
> > whole packages.  (I don't know how often that would be useful.)
> That is already possible in the the master of autopkgtest. Or you mean
> at the britney level? I don't think that would be containing the info in
> the right place.

Well, I think that's arguable, but I think being able to mark a whole
package's tests as flaky, in Britney, is probably sufficient.


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