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Bug#851558: autopkgtest: define Restrictions for tests that aren't suitable for gating CI

On Sun, 22 Jan 2017 at 18:07:49 +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> Suppose I want to
> test that some tool (ostree or tar or whatever) can back up and restore
> xattrs. I can't test that unless I have some scratch area that lets the
> current user set xattrs.
> Or, imagine I want to test a non-http network protocol, perhaps testing
> whether my XMPP client can connect to an XMPP server. As we discussed
> on #851556, we would expect this to work on ci.debian.net, but not on
> Ubuntu's equivalent. I could probe for this with ": | nc xmpp.debian.net 5222"
> or something.
> With Automake, I would be able to exit 77 to get the test recorded as
> having been skipped, but with current autopkgtest I would have to exit 0.
> This would hopefully affect autopkgtest's exit status the same way as if
> the test had been skipped due to "Restrictions: something-you-dont-support" -
> so if one or more tests exit 77, autopkgtest would exit 2.

I've implemented this at
since an implementation is probably easier to comment on than an idea.
It's really orthogonal to what I first asked for in #851558.


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