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Bug#899386: Needs some documentation....

Hi Neil

On 23-05-18 21:45, Neil Williams wrote:
> tag 899386 - moreinfo
> severity 899386 minor
> thanks
> Ah, ok, now I understand how the @ is relevant to this issue.
> I've now got the tests passing. Would it be possible to add something
> to the manpage or the README files please? 
paul@testavoira ~ $ zcat
/usr/share/doc/autopkgtest/README.package-tests.rst.gz | grep -e
"^Depends: " -A25
Depends: dpkg dependency field syntax
    Declares that the specified packages must be installed for the test
    to go ahead. This supports all features of dpkg dependencies (see
    plus the following extensions:

    ``@`` stands for the package(s) generated by the source package
    containing the tests; each dependency (strictly, or-clause, which
    may contain ``|``\ s but not commas) containing ``@`` is replicated
    once for each such binary package, with the binary package name
    substituted for each ``@`` (but normally ``@`` should occur only
    once and without a version restriction).

    ``@builddeps@`` will be replaced by the package's
    ``Build-Depends:``, ``Build-Depends-Indep:``, and
    ``build-essential``. This is useful if you have many build
    dependencies which are only necessary for running the test suite and
    you don't want to replicate them in the test ``Depends:``. However,
    please use this sparingly, as this can easily lead to missing binary
    package dependencies being overlooked if they get pulled in via
    build dependencies.

    If no Depends field is present, ``Depends: @`` is assumed. Note that
    the source tree's Build-Dependencies are *not* necessarily
    installed, and if you specify any Depends, no binary packages from
    the source are installed unless explicitly requested.

Anything missing from there?


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