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Bug#899386: autopkgtest: Assumes all binaries from a source are co-installable.

Control: tag -1 moreinfo

Hello Neil,

Neil Williams [2018-05-23 17:07 +0100]:
> I am unable to test my uploads because my debian/control file lists a binary which conflicts with
> one of the dependencies of another package from the same source package. autopkgtest seems to assume
> that all binaries built from a source package must all be co-installable with each other.

I take it you use "Depends: @" or no Depends: line at all? This is just a
shortcut for simple packages, but not at all useful for large multi-binary
sources. For them it's much better to explicitly specify which packages a test
needs, and you can test alternative packages in different tests.

> However, autopkgtest is now failing to handle these dependencies

Please be more specific. If a package is uninstallable because its dependencies
conflict, then that its an RC bug in that package (and britney should already
spot that). If your test dependencies specify conflicting packages, then that
test just needs to be fixed. autopkgtest does not prescribe anything there,
aside from the optional "@" shortcut.


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