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Bug#898727: Please provide adt-virt-* names, at least for buster

Martin Pitt writes ("Re: Bug#898727: Please provide adt-virt-* names, at least for buster"):
> Control: tag -1 moreinfo
> Do you have examples of such "expectations"? These were deprecated
> two years ago (with warning messages) and removed one year ago, with
> a NEWS and blogs and emails and all that. I haven't seen any bug
> reports or otherwise from any user that asked for bringing them
> back; this is the first one. Why now? Introducing these
> long-obsolete aliases again after they already got dropped in a
> stable release seems just unnecessary effort to me.

They were not dropped in a stable release.  They are present in
autopkgtest 4.4 in stretch, and AFAICT they generate no deprecation

zealot:~> adt-virt-schroot build

So I think a sensible transition would keep them (with the deprecation
warnings) in buster.  The cost of doing so is very low.


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