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autopkgtest-build-lxd failing with bionic

Hello all,

Iain Lane [2018-02-16 11:52 +0000]:
> > I wouldn't pick on any of these: network-online.target is a sloppily defined
> > shim for SysV init backwards compatibility, and may not ever get started (in
> > fact, that's the goal ?); and the container might not use networkd, so I
> > wouldn't use s-n-wait-online either. I think querying
> Interesting. I thought that it was the systemd way to say 'I am online
> now' --- i.e. nm-online or systemd-networkd-wait-online, which is the
> question I wanted to get a positive answer to. I can see that the SysV
> implementation isn't great, but it's not clear to me that it was ill
> defined for this case.

"ill defined" is too strong, but it's "sloppy", just as the mere question of
what "the network is up" means in a world of dynamic interfaces, proxies, VPNs,
dynamic resolvers, etc.

> >   [ -n "$(ip route show to 0/0)" ]
> This is better though, and works too. Please take a look at the attached
> patch. Thanks! :-)

Cheers! I reworked it a bit, applied the same strategy to LXC (which is
equally affected), tested it, and landed


I'm going to overhaul setup-testbed too, as it still creates an ifupdown config
for modern (netplan) Ubuntu containers - I want to teach it to stop that.


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