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Running Octave tests under xvfb

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 09:36:28AM +0200, Rafael Laboissi?re wrote:
> Running the unit tests in some Octave add-on packages fails because some of
> them use graphical output (e.g. [1]).  One possible way to fix the problem
> is by running the tests under xvfb.  I did the changes to the Octave support
> of autodep8, which are now in the branch called octave-xvfb [2].  For your
> convenience, I am attaching below the diff between branches master and
> octave-xvfb.

Isn't this something that could be handled in octave-autopkgtest
instead? /usr/share/octave-pkg-dev/check-pkg is a shell script, it could
source e.g. debian/tests/octave-autopkgtest.conf or
debian/octave-autopkgtest.conf if it exists, and do different things
based on the values of some documented environment variables.

One of those variables would mean "Run the tests under xvfb". This has
the advantage of also working when check-pkg is executed during the
build ...

Also this way you only use xvfb for the packages that really need it,
cutting down in test dependencies, download/install time, etc.

> If nobody objects, I will merge the branch into master and upload a new
> version of the package to unstable.  We will need also to upload a new
> version to stretch-backports, such that ci.d.o will behave correctly.

Adding the support for this in octave-autopkgtest also removes the need
to do this backports dance. You just update your test runner in unstable
and move ahead.
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