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Bug#851568: autopkgtest: add an easier way to set up more apt sources

Package: autopkgtest
Version: 4.3
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

It is possible (and quite commonly needed) to set up new apt sources
in --setup-commands, but every time I do, I find myself looking up
how I did it last time. This is very useful if you are testing a batch
of related packages in a local repository before uploading any of them
(as I do for the bubblewrap/ostree/flatpak cluster of packages, with
flatpak frequently requiring a new version of the other two).

autopkgtest does have --apt-pocket, but that only works for adding
"pockets", for example adding jessie-backports to jessie.

sbuild makes this very easy: you can run something like

    sbuild --extra-repository='deb [trusted=yes] http://localhost/apt/debian sid-uploadqueue main' ...

to pick up those packages. The attached patch adds --add-apt-source with
similar semantics.

I haven't added an equivalent of sbuild's --extra-repository-key yet,
but that would probably also be useful, for cases where the extra repository
is accessed over an untrusted connection.

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