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Bug#839253: autopkgtest: --testname incompatible with Test-Command:

Hello Barry, Ian,

Ian Jackson [2016-10-23 17:21 +0100]:
> I see in fact that is is still not compatible.  How about:
>   Test-Command: tox -e qa
>   Depends: @builddeps@, git
>   Features: test-name=qa

That seems okay to me. It would be our first-ever supported
"Features:" item, too :-)

Barry, as you expressed interest in helping with autopkgtest, I think
this would make an excellent learning opportunity: implementing this
is reasonably easy, but it requires touching the testdesc.py unit
tests, writing an integration test, and updating the documentation, so
that you can get some familiarity with all these parts. Would you like
to look into this, and I'll guide you through the process? (We can do
that in person next week).


Martin Pitt                        | http://www.piware.de
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