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Bug#800845: autopkgtest: Add support for nested VMs

Hi again,

On 03/03/2016 10:18 PM, Christian Seiler wrote:
> I've created a patch that does just that and tested it: with
> setup-testbed from current git master it properly installs the udev
> rule, *then* adds the drive, and we have:
>  - /dev/baseimage exists
>  - /dev/disk/by-{part,}uuid/* don't point to the baseimage disk.
> Patch is attached.

I've thought about this a bit more and came to the conclusion that it'd
be best to run udevadm settle in the VM after adding the disks to QEMU.
On my system without load this was not an issue, but if the system where
this is run on is under a bit of load, not waiting for udev may result
in the tests thinking that /dev/baseimage doesn't exist and thus
skipping the nested tests.

I've updated the patch to let udev settle. See attachment to this email.

> Would still like to hear a comment about the CPU issue.

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