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Bug#798066: Multiarch-renamed python extensions not found during autopkgtest testing

??? ??????? 11 ????? ????? 2015 ?03:09? ??? Antonio Terceiro:

> I also
> don't see other python packages that contain compiled extensions needing
> to do this sort of thing.

I have a few other packages that have this problem -- python-cobra is
one. For two other packages (python-pbh5tools and kineticstools), I
disabled tests that require the compiled extensions because they were
failing for this reason.

> I tried python-pysam here, and after some trial and error, I can also reproduce
> the same issue outside of autopkgtest. The issue is that Python load path is
> being confused by the fact that you are on root of the source package:

Many thanks for that information. I can reproduce that effect as well
and things are making much more sense now. Now, I just need to find a
proper solution to this python module priority problem.

> So your problem has nothing to do autopkgtest, other than the fact that
> autopkgtest always starts the tests from the root of the source package.

Thanks-- I didn't set out to bash autopkgtest with this. I just wanted
to know why the tests weren't running properly and how to resolve that

Many thanks and regards

Afif Elghraoui | ???? ???????

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