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adt-run sh: 1: cd: can't cd to .

Hey Christopher,

sorry for the long delay on that one!

Christopher Baines [2015-09-20 20:42 +0100]:
> > At first sight I'd say you are running adt-run from a current
> > directory which does not yet exist any more. Perhaps a build tree that
> > got removed in a different shell?
> This command is run in the testbed, so the directory in which adt-run
> should have no effect (on this issue)?

Right. It's still unclear why this would fail as root in the
container, but this might be due to bind-mouns and mapping users in
unprivileged containers.

> I managed to work out where the failing command was coming from, and
> have attached a patch that fixed this issue for me.

Thanks. Defaulting to cd to / instead of . seems harmless to me, and
tests pass with that. So I committed a slightly cleaner patch:


> Also, I was having some issues with apt resolving the dependencies, and
> noticed there might be a missing call to run_shell after line 464.

Sorry, the code changed a lot since then; which version were you
using? install_apt() does call the shell on failure after apt-get -f
install. Do you have a log of this?

> I don't know if you had any tips? When I got the shell to work, I
> tried installing aptitude, and that did succeed in installing the
> dependencies.

I'm afraid I don't have meaningful tips without seeing the log with
the apt error.



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