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adt-run sh: 1: cd: can't cd to .

I am having some issues running adt-run. I have attached the relevant
part of the output, and below is the command that I ran.

$ adt-run --apt-upgrade build-area/*.deb test-pkg// -ddd --shell-fail
--- lxc adt-wheezy

I had a look in the source code, but did not manage to find where this
shell command that is failing was coming from?

Does anyone have any clues regarding how I can fix/workaround this?


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adt-run: DBG: testbed command ['sh', '-ec', 'su --shell=/bin/sh nobody -c \'set -e; exec 3>&1 >&2; set -x; cd .; builddir=$(mktemp -d /tmp/adt-virt-lxc.shared.4ei6rzdv/downtmp/build.XXX); cd $builddir; cp -rd --preserve=timestamps -- "/tmp/adt-virt-lxc.shared.4ei6rzdv/downtmp/ubtree-" real-tree; chmod -R a+rX .; cd [a-z0-9]*/.; pwd >&3; sed -n "1 {s/).*//; s/ (/\\n/; p}" debian/changelog >&3; set +e; grep -q "^Restrictions:.*\\bbuild-needed\\b" debian/tests/control 2>/dev/null; echo $? >&3\''], kind build, sout pipe, serr raw, env []
+ cd .
sh: 1: cd: can't cd to .
adt-run: DBG: testbed command exited with code 2

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