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Bug#788659: autopkgtest: Provide option to not implicitly run undeclared tests

Hello Dominic,

Dominic Hargreaves [2015-06-15 22:58 +0100]:
> Something to satisfy my original use case where I simply run adt-run
> against all the packages I'm interested in, and only the ones with
> 'validated' tests actually run.

Ah, ok -- then grep-dctrl'ing for all packages with "Testsuite:
autopkgtest" ought to do just that, right?

> But it's not too much work to inspect the Testsuite header directly,
> I suppose, so feel free to consider this request closed - since it
> sounds like that goes against the design of the package. Disabling
> the autodep8 tests will be useful too!

Then I'll let this get closed with the --no-auto-control change in the
next upload.



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