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Bug#785068: /usr/bin/adt-run: adt-run/adt-virt-schroot doesn't run any tests

Hello James,

James McCoy [2015-05-11 22:45 -0400]:
> The .changes was from an ?sbuild -A ?? so it didn't have the source
> package information.  Using mergechanges to get a source+binary .changes
> worked.
> There was no clue this was the problem from the output of adt-run,
> though.

Right. This is a consequence of adt-run's current design to allow an
arbitrary number of "actions" on the command line, which also leads to
confusion with argument ordering. As nobody actually seems to use
this, and it causes way more confusion than it's worth, I plan to
change the CLI to allow/require *exactly* one test "action" argument
(source package, tree, etc.). This is tracked in

Once we have this, adding this kind of check will be a lot simpler.


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