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implicit debian/tests/control files

gregor herrmann [2014-09-13 21:20 +0200]:
> Right, adding "Testsuite: autopkgtest-auto-perl" (or however it will
> be called) sounds like a nice option to say "run the default pkg-perl
> tests" without having to maintain d/t/control files (or inventing the
> include syntax).

It seems we pretty much have consensus about this, and Guillem also
agreed to this on my blog post [1]. With that we can even drop the
autodetection logic at some point, and then everything will be
explicit again.

The naming is bikeshedding, so I went ahead with the proposed
"autopkgtest-$team" schema:


> The only downside might be that it leaves the burden of maintaining
> the test definition to the autopkgtest maintainers on our request;
> but if that's ok for you guys, I'm fine with it as well :)

If/once we move to autodep8 as a separate project, it'll be
collab-maint, and every team can adjust their own tests. But even if
it stays in autopkgtest, I'm happy to update the templates. With the
pkg-perl-autopkgtest indirection in between it'll be very low effort,
and even if we cut this out and fold the real commands into the
template it won't change that often after the initial settling. Send
git formatted patches ;-)



[1] http://www.piware.de/2014/09/autopkgtest-3-5-reboot-support-perlruby-implicit-tests/

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