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[PATCH 2/3] autodetect Perl packages

gregor herrmann [2014-09-08 13:05 +0200]:
> > Looks rather like not having the unpacked source directory in the
> > current working directory. 
> Which is no surprise; we're moving t/ to a temporary directory and
> run `prove t/*' from there to make sure that we're testing the
> _installed_ modules and not the ones from the source (lib/) or the
> "built" ones (blib/).

That makes sense (and thanks for doing that -- all too many
autopkgtests get that wrong).

> Seems like we have a problem here with POD tests :/

Could the test just be SKIPed instead of failing in the "runtime-deps"
mode? Is that something which we can do in the Debian "perl
autopkgtest" runner?

> (The good thing is that this doesn't affect all packages; in my tests
> with a dozen or so I've never seen this.)

Ah, so it seems I was particularly unlucky when I picked these two?


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