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Bug#749729: autopkgtest: cannot make tests executable in read only directory

Package: autopkgtest
Severity: minor
Control: affects -1 sadt

Hello.  doc/README.package-tests states:

  The cwd of each test is guaranteed to be the root of the source
  package. [...] Tests may not modify the source tree [...].

  If the file to be executed has no execute bits set, chmod a+x is
  applied to it. [...]

Adt-run uses a temporary copy of the tests, while sadt uses the
original ones from the source directory.  Both call chown, and the
latter will fail if ever used in a read-only source directory.

These statements should be clarified to avoid contradictory
interpretations before sadt is considered buggy.

I would appreciate a solution keeping both benefits, by requiring the
tests to be copied in a temp dir for example.

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