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[GSoC] Weekly report

In this early project was aligned the issue of communication with
the community and especially with my mentor. We exchanged
emails and discussed some things in IRC. Initially there was a
study and some practice on Debian packaging, mainly following
the tutorial in 'packaging- tutorial'.

After this initial stage, I began to identify packages with temporary
failures and failures present in debci (ci.debian.net). To start the
taking action to packages along with failures has identified the need
to group packages by type of error , in order to facilitate
correctness of them. To identify errors and group packages by
categories I used 'cqa-scanlogs', a tool that was used for
Debian-QA, this tool was present in 'collab-qa-tools'. The tool
analyzes the build log of packages and returns a possible type of
error that may have occurred in the construction of them. Having
the need to get all log files of building packages with failure,
I was made a Perl script to download the latest build log files of
all packages with temporary failures or failures present in debci
(link to the script:
https://gist.github.com/lucaskanashiro/fb9f742d02def3b4901b ).
However , after obtaining all the log files and run the 'cqa-scanlogs'
tool, was not found any error specified in the tool.

This week I was a bit out of time because of college exams, but I
tried to dedicate myself to it during all my free time.

To continue the work, I will try to identify these errors in logs,
perhaps manually, and I can contribute to the 'cqa-scanlogs' tool
and pursue the proposed work.

Lucas Kanashiro Duarte
Engenharia de Software - FGA/UnB
kanashiro.duarte at gmail.com
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