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Bug#747914: autopkgtest: LXC containers built with adt-build-lxc fail on missing networking

reassign 747914 lxc
retitle 747914 created LXC containers don't have networking


Olivier Berger [2014-05-12 23:10 +0200]:
> adt-build-lxc invokes lxc-create, but created containers don't have networking, which results in messages like :
> Err http://cdn.debian.net sid InRelease
> Err http://cdn.debian.net sid Release.gpg
>   Could not resolve 'cdn.debian.net'
> It seems to me that default options for LXC containers miss a networking type in /var/lib/lxc/adt-sid/config :
> lxc.network.type = empty

adt-build-lxc isn't doing anything special with the container config.
It seems Debian's lxc then defaults to not configuring any network? I
don't think that the logic of configuring that belongs into scripts
like adt-build-lxc, it should just be done automatically (e. g. the
Ubuntu lxc packaging automatically sets up veth and the necessary

I reassign this to LXC.


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